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What is an electric Bike?

An electric bike is a normal bicycle that has an electric motor built-in, giving the rider an extra boost up hills to make the ride easier and more enjoyable. If you are nervous about getting into cycling or worried you arent fit enough to keep up with friends and family an e-bike is a perfect solution as it gives the rider a helping hand and builds up your fitness.

How does it work?

You will use the arrows on the LCD display remote on the left side of the handlebar to select a level of pedal assistance (between level 0 through 5 on most models and 0 through 4 on the RadRunner). Level 1 is the lowest level of pedal assistance (PAS), and level 5 is the highest. Start in PAS level 0 or 1 and adjust from there.

Begin pedalling. Once you begin pedalling, the cadence sensor will activate the motor after 1-2 seconds. Ride Rad!

When you stop pedalling and do not squeeze the brake levers, there is a 1-2 second delay before pedal assist shuts off. This is to reduce the pedal assist power surging on and off whenever you stop pedalling momentarily (to adjust your foot on the pedals or your seating position, for example).

How fast can you go?

In accordance with European ebike laws, all of our ebikes have a top speed of 15 miles per hour (25 km/h) when power assistance is used. A rider can exceed 15 miles/hour while pedalling, but the bike will not receive any motor assistance once the bike exceeds 15 miles/hour.

How far can you go on a single charge?

The average range of our ebike is typically between 35 to 55 miles.

Cycling an ebike on maximum power-assistance will drain the battery quicker than cycling on eco- or medium power-assistance mode. You may find that the eco-mode provides enough power-assistance for most of your journeys.

Does the ebike recharge whilst you pedal?

Its a common misconception that ebikes recharge whilst you pedal, but this is not the case.

What happens if I run out of battery on my ride?

If you run out of battery, the bike will still function as a regular bicycle, although ebikes tend to be heavier as they have the electric motor and battery on board.

What happens if the ebike stops working?

Give us a ring on 07407 039 747 and we will come and pick you up.

Are we insured to ride the ebikes?

Yes. Our fully comprehensive insurance policy will cover our bikes against theft, accidental damage and vandalism. Furthermore, anyone riding the bikes will be covered up to £2m for personal liability and they are also able to make use of our Cycle Rescue service.

What safety features do the ebikes have?

All our ebikes have brake lights and head lights, reflective sidewalls on the tyre and we provide helmets and reflective bands to make our cyclists more visible.

What is the minimum age?

Legally you need to be 14 years and older to ride an ebike on UK roads.

Can you hire helmet, panniers and child seats?

Yes we have a selection of waterproof panniers, bike rakes and baskets. We also have infant seats that can be attached to the back of the bike.